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By Cindy Yoseffa

On Sunday, you will get practicable tips around UGC and studying medicine as an international student in Munich, Germany.

On Sunday, you will get practicable tips around UGC and studying medicine as an international student in Munich, Germany.

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How to Start Your UGC Better than Me

That’s where I realized, I needed to learn several new skills, I never consider before. Now, I have more knowledge and I want you to start your UGC journey better than me. These are things I’d do if I can go back again:



Since the 1st January 2022, I’ve been working on my new year notion template. I want to make the best out of this year and maximize my mental health, finance, and relationships. As you probably know to maximize an outcome, we first need to build a good system…


More on The Covid-19 Pandemic at The End of 2021

Let's start with good news. There's a new vaccine now, being found on November 2021. The Vaccine is called Novavax, and it's protein-based, which means it can stay outside the refrigerator. This vaccine is also easier and cheaper to build in comparison with t…


Building Website on Notion // Knowing Your Values and Reasons

In the last couple of weeks, I've been tackling Notion Website and got an idea to make a website shop with Notion. It worked! I'm so happy because now I can teach you how to do it. If you want to see the online shop I build with Notion, click here.


Ask My Therapist: A Recipe for A Fulfilled Life

This month will definitely be a challenge for me. I want to maintain my social life, self-improvement, study, side hustle and part-time job. I realized, that it's easier to manage only one of these things, rather than all at the same time. The problem is, I a…


New Episodes on My Podcast in Bahasa Indonesia

I was struggling at first, because I love conversation and I love talking alone, explaining things. There's also language difficulty. I want people from Indonesia and Germany to have that personal experience listening, since I come from Indonesia and study hu…


Why Everyone Should Learn How to Argue Healthily

In my therapy, I've learned to understand, how bad my arguing skills were. I used to be in a debate club in high school. Unfortunately, this tends to bring my debate strategies to my private arguments, and it can be pretty unhealthy.Private argument requires …


Traveling Can Enhances Your Emotional Intelligent

This is the first time in my life, that I missed my vacation because I wasn't careful enough to check everything. Probably due to lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, I have difficulty to navigate the outside world. I learned a lot about how I handle stress…


Building An Indonesian Team for My PodCast

Unfortunately, there are some obstacles that I didn't really expect to be a big deal. One of them is how difficult it is for me to find an Indonesian team personal, who can speak English confidently, not even fluently. Most of them understand English, but rat…


Why You Should Work in A Team

Thankfully, I found an answer for this in 4 Hours Work Week by Tim Ferris: Building Team and Delegating Works. I started contacting some people, who I knew, probably interested in the same projects. To my surprise, it's working really well, and I gain so much…


FREE Plan for Productivity Apps, TikTok, Impacted Canine Tooth

Some productivity app is so expensive, you just can't afford it, especially if you are a full-time student, who can't work at the moment, a.k.a. "You are a broke student."Well, good news, there will be some videos about it on TikTok for you. I'll show you, ho…


What I learned from buddhist meditation

The meditation itself is pretty painful for me because I need to accept, that I am attached to so many things and had to let it go to gain a better quality of life. These are things, I can't control immediately and completely in life, and I suffer from it. Th…


Make Time, RemNote and Podcast

I’ve been researching some tips about how not to get distracted with my smartphone on the Internet and came to these conclusions:I’m using a color filter black and white on my iPhone and using a yellow filter at night. This helps me to get bored with all the …


My First Newsletter: Why I share

New Things on The WayIn the last view weeks I've been making my ass off and made my own Blog with my own domain. You can visit here.I also made some videos on my YouTube Channel and I found RemNote. This is like ANKI and Roam Research on the same page. For me…