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Building An Indonesian Team for My PodCast

Cindy Yoseffa
Cindy Yoseffa
🙋🏻‍♀️ Hello everyone!
I can’t believe this, but now I have an Indonesian team to start my podcast: Parva et Magna. It’s a wonderful experience to be able to connect with people back home and contribute in spreading the knowledge across two countries. For me: Giving and spreading knowledge is more than just money.

Unfortunately, there are some obstacles that I didn’t really expect to be a big deal. One of them is how difficult it is for me to find an Indonesian team personal, who can speak English confidently, not even fluently. Most of them understand English, but rather shy, when it comes to speaking. It still seems like a common situation. I thought, since young people in Indonesian grew up with computers and smartphones, they must be able to speak better English than the generation before.
I really wish more young Indonesian realize, how valuable it is, to be confident in learning whatever it is, specially English. It’s a language most people can speak: native and non-native. Even if your Grammar is so messy, as long as you are learning and improving, there’s no need to feel shy. It hinders you to contribute to the world and have a much richer life.
I’m training myself to communicate effectively with other people in my Indonesian team. I also learned, how to be patient, if I need to explain further. Listening is also something I need to improve in my private life and working life. I feel ashamed to admit it, but my therapist told me, that it’s at the moment the norm, that people have difficulty to listen to other people, unless they’re trained like a therapist.
🤔 How difficult it is for you to listen to others? For those who already master the art of listening: What did you do to listen better?
💌 Let me know via Twitter or e-mail.
I really have difficulty to be consistent writing you guys every Saturday. But it really makes my day, every time I see my newsletter list grows. So, I’ll write you again this Saturday!
🙏🏻 Thank you for subscribing. You make my day.
💙 Cindy
A Quote from Week 37, September 2021
Cindy Yoseffa
Knowledge without understanding is kinda of pointless. In this case understanding is more powerful than knowledge.
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Cindy Yoseffa
Cindy Yoseffa @cindyyoseffa

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