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FREE Plan for Productivity Apps, TikTok, Impacted Canine Tooth

Cindy Yoseffa
Cindy Yoseffa
Hi Pals!
There are so many things going on right now in my life. Life is always changing, and I’m up to it.

1. FREE Plan for Productivity Apps for Students
Some productivity app is so expensive, you just can’t afford it, especially if you are a full-time student, who can’t work at the moment, a.k.a. “You are a broke student.”
Well, good news, there will be some videos about it on TikTok for you. I’ll show you, how to contact the team of Notion and RemNote, so they can help you with your financial situation. Stay tune on my TikTok Account.
2. I found TikTok 😱 and love it 😍
At first, I thought TikTok is where people make cringy content and honestly, I underestimated TikTok. Now the karma comes to me because I do love making videos and help you guys studying less hour effectively with productivity apps: Notion and RemNote. But there’s a big problem. I didn’t really take selfies or videos of me talking to a camera.
You can see on my YouTube Channel. The way I talk is very stiff. I can’t barely talk straight to a camera. Camera intimidates me. YouTube is a pretty big deal for me, and talking on YouTube for 10 Minutes video can take me hours.
Luckily, TikTok has 15 and 60 seconds video, and now they gave me the three minutes video. This will help me immensely to conquer my shyness talking to a camera. Trust me, guys: It’s not easy. Talking to a camera, you need to be loud and talk very fast. People on TikTok don’t have the patient.
Please follow me on TikTok because I’m still shy. At the moment my TikTok: @cindyyoseffa21, but soon it will be @cindyyoseffa on 3rd July. Please don’t hesitate to visit and ask me questions. I appreciate every question and happily answer them.
3. Oral Surgery due to Impacted Canine Tooth
In the last couple of months, I got an oral surgery because I had an impacted canine tooth. There’s a tooth mutation also inside, which I find very cool. I’m thinking about making a three minutes video about it because there are not so many people on YouTube or probably on the internet talking about it, which I found unfortunate, since it’s one of those braces problems, that would take pretty long time, as you may know: Canine tooth has the longest rote from all the teeth inside our mouth. Do you have braces? How do you cope with it?
I also got ulcer now and then. My metal braces scratch the inside of my mouth. So, this orthodontic wax is my secret friend. I just found out, that there’s a mirror behind it. What ashamed. Hahaha!
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Cindy Yoseffa
Cindy Yoseffa @cindyyoseffa

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