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Cindy Yoseffa
Cindy Yoseffa
🥳 Happy New Year, Pals!
I’ve recovered from the new year feeling, and let’s make the best out of it together! Thank you for being my Mail-Pal. 🥰

Notion New Years Template
Since the 1st January 2022, I’ve been working on my new year notion template. I want to make the best out of this year and maximize my mental health, finance, and relationships.
As you probably know to maximize an outcome, we first need to build a good system, where things can flow easily, and some mundane tasks work automated, like keeping track on your habits, eating and sleep patterns, feelings, etc. — all the factors, that you need to determine your life satisfaction.
Daily update about this notion template will be posted on my TikTok and links around this template and other information, will be posted in my IG Story. A much further and complex explanation will be shown on my YouTube Channel next week. Don’t miss it and subscribe to my YT-Channel.
Book 1:1 Video Call with Me
One of my TikTok video about my journey as an international medical student in Germany got around 9,000 views in a day. Since that day, I got more private messages from international students, who also want to study medicine in Germany, but don’t feel like they really understand the way to get there.
Applying for medical school as an international student in Germany can be confusing and frustrating, especially when you don’t have someone, who already achieved that, explain to you the progress.
Generally, the problem is more personal, than procedural. That’s why I decided to open a 1:1 Video Call with Me for future international medical students.
For the first 10 people who contact me, will get 50% OFF 45 Minutes coaching session. And for the low-income students, you can apply here and get a FREE Coaching Session with me.
TikTok: My Daily Vlogs
Since I made my first TikTok, I love answering your comments as video and liking them. You might not believe it, but I read all of your comments. If you want to see fractions of my daily vlogs, what I’m thinking and working on, and get to know me better, you should definitely follow me on TikTok.
How’s your January 2022 so far?
💌 Let me know via Twitter or Email me for longer message.
I wish you a superb week!
❤️‍🔥 Cindy
This Week's Best TikTok Performance
My Journey for Studying Medicine in Germany as an International Student
You can’t have enough white coats as a medical student.
This week I enjoy
  1. Book: Story Genius by Lisa Cron : It’s incredible to understand, how story works and that to tell a good story is a skill, that we’re not born with. It’s like programming your brain, not with codes, but with story. The advantage is clear: Being a good storyteller will increase your mental health, relationships, and career. This book convinced me to take the story seriously, as serious as the idea I have on my mind.
  2. TikTok: @JTBarnett - TikTok Advisor : Watching Justin TikTok strategy helps me immensely in gaining confidence on making video and show up online. It’s not easy if you are just starting. You need to be really confidence, and it means you have to overcome your insecurities in public eyes. This is not a gift from God, but a skill everyone can learn.
Quote of The Week
“Financial success is not a hard science. It’s a soft skill, where how you behave is more important than what you know.”
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Cindy Yoseffa
Cindy Yoseffa @cindyyoseffa

On Sunday, you will get practicable tips around UGC and studying medicine as an international student in Munich, Germany.

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