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What I learned from buddhist meditation

Cindy Yoseffa
Cindy Yoseffa
Hi Pals!
The lockdown helps me to see, where my energy should flow and where it’s getting blocked by certain people, stuffs or circumstances. I also learned that every little things that I experience, originated from my unconscious thoughts and feelings. This is how I came across Buddhist meditation. 

Meditation is helping you to hear your real inner voice.
Meditation is helping you to hear your real inner voice.
The meditation itself is pretty painful for me because I need to accept, that I am attached to so many things and had to let it go to gain a better quality of life. These are things, I can’t control immediately and completely in life, and I suffer from it.
The only three things I can control in life:
  1. Feelings; Translating negative feelings into neutral feelings
  2. Mind; Changing bad and destructive narrative stories in my mind to a healthier approach
  3. Body; Maintaining it like a temple
The strongest is my feelings. If my mind is not trained for particular situations, it will mostly follow my feelings. I can train it good enough, so that it can influence how I feel about unpleasant experiences in life. Then comes my body. 
I can’t change my body  for getting older at the moment. But I can maintain it, so I can stay longer inside, just like a house. My body will be as healthy as the peace between my feelings and my mind.
To be able to meditate, I have to be in the present. Only then I can learn from my mistakes in the past, and forgive myself. I also have to be in the present to be able influence my future. In the present, I can distance myself (soul or spirit) from these three things, I can control.
I’m not my feelings, my thoughts or my body. I am a soul, a spirit. Sometimes I love to refer myself as a bundle of energy, that could be transformed to after death into plants, animals or other human beings.
Have you tried the Buddhist meditation? What do you think about it?
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Cindy Yoseffa
Cindy Yoseffa @cindyyoseffa

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